Basic Tournament Information

All Tournaments will have 20% rake unless otherwise noted
  1. Unless verbally stated, any forward motion across the betting line with chips will be considered a bet or raise for the chips that cross the line.
  2. The dealer button starts on seat one (1) for all tournaments and after redrawing of seats
  3. The hand is mucked if not all players are able to touch their seat when the last card is dealt.
  4. Penalties for misconduct can include sitting out one (1) to three (3) orbits or tournament disqualification. Player chips and entry fee are forfeited upon disqualification.
  5. Personal attacks at dealers or players, both physical or verbal, can and will lead to penalties or disqualification. Personal attacks can consist of, but are not limited to, continued use of foul language directed at another player, name calling, sexual harassment, or threats of physical violence. Verbal berating a player will get a one orbit penalty. A second offense is disqualification.
  6. Tournament Directors decisions are final.
  7. Adding a single chip to the pot without a verbal declaration is a call, even if you already have a chip in the pot. For example it is a call if blinds are 100/200; small blind adds a 500 chip to his 100 small blind without declaring a raise.
  8.  All hands in the main and side pots must be tabled and are live on All-in showdowns
  9. Play halts at tables with three fewer players than the table with the most. Table will be kept within 2 players and will be balanced tighter at the Tournament Director’s discretion
  10. When using BBA, the big blind will be posted first and there will be no reduction at the final table
  11. Tables will be kept 9-handed as often as possible. Final tables will begin at 9-handed
  12. Dealer Appreciation is a suggested tip for volunteer dealers and is not mandatory to play.
  13. It is the players responsibility to protect their hand, but due to lighting issues and other factors, players shall make very effort to not look at other players hands. A player that is deemed to be getting information for other players will be assessed a misconduct penalty.
  14. All poker winnings are subject to federal and state taxes. W-2G forms will be filled out for winnings of $5000 above the buy-in.
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